Twisters: The Real Story Storms Onto DVD and Digital

There are four types of documentaries I can’t refuse: anything movie-related, true crime, sharks, and extreme weather, especially Tornadoes. Sadly, there’s yet to be a single documentary that has ticked all those boxes, but I continue to live in hope.

Step into the world of one of nature’s most captivating and frightening forces with “Twisters: The Real Story,” a compelling new documentary directed by Robin Bextor (“The Exorcist Untold,” “King Charles III”).

This must-see doc will be available on DVD and digital platforms on July 1, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films. Get ready to witness the courage of tornado chasers as they risk it all to delve into the heart of the storm and study these awe-inspiring yet deadly natural phenomena. Featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, director Robin Bextor unveils the motivations and bravery behind their perilous pursuits. Don’t miss out on this gripping documentary before the highly anticipated follow-up to the 90s hit film, “Twisters,” storms into cinemas.

Come face to face with nature’s fury in Twisters: The Real Story.

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