Untethered Geek Presents The Worst Movie Posters of All Time I Am Wrath

If you’re of a certain age, then you’ll have fond memories of afternoons spent at the cinema, and while you’d wait to buy your chosen treats, you’d see a range of posters displayed for forthcoming attractions. This is a practice still followed today, but over the years, the fine art of creating a film poster has been diluted by photoshop nightmares.

Following the previous instalment that focused on The Accidental Husband, The Untethered Geek is back with a new episode in the Worst Movie Posters of All Time series; this time he’s aiming at I Am Wrath, starring John Travolta. Naturally, expect spoilers, a deeply sarcastic outlook, and frequent self-inflicted distractions. You can watch the full episode below.

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