Westworld Season 2 Superbowl Trailer and Launch Date Revealed

HBO had a slot on the Superbowl ad breaks for the first time in nearly 20 years with a heart-pounding teaser for the second season of Westworld.

Using a haunting cover of Kanye West’s Runaway by Westworld series composer Ramin Djawadi (who has done exceptional work with the first season), the violent delights are meeting their violent ends with action aplenty. The original plan was to have the second season out last year, but much like the first season’s delays owing to an elaborate production, season two needed more time. The new trailer also informs us when the show is returning to HBO, Aprill 22 will see season two launch in the US and presumably the UK broadcast on Sky will happen shortly after.

Co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan recently explained the reason for the longer than expected wait;

“We said to the network very early that this was a different kind of show, having gone through the experience of making the pilot. Game of Thrones is incredibly ambitious, and that was part of the reason we knew we wanted to make this show with HBO. Game of Thrones kind of has written the book on production value for television, and how to make something that has all the scope and scale of cinema for a TV show…But we knew for ourselves that going forward, the production is enormously challenging and ambitious, and so is the writing. So we said very early on that we wouldn’t be able to turn this around every year, and knowing full well that that’s been a time-honoured tradition in television.”

Ultimately, while it’s frustrating having to wait longer, Westworld is worth the delay and I would rather wait longer for a better show than they rushed to meet a launch date. The important thing here is that Westworld is back in just over two months, which should in some way make up for the fact we still have a whole ruddy year to wait Game of Thrones.

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