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Last Super

To celebrate the release of the exceptional historical epic THE LAST SUPPER – on DVD 11th July 2016 – we have teamed up with Arrow Films to giveaway a copy.

Based on an infamously bloodthirsty episode in China’s history where two warring generals battled for control of China as the Qin Dynasty came to its end, THE LAST SUPPER is the very definition of historical epic.

With sprawling battle scenes filmed in sumptuous detail, an excellent cast including Daniel Wu (Warcraft: The Beginning), and enough treachery and betrayal to please even Game of Thrones fans, THE LAST SUPPER is underlined by the message that history is, indeed, written by its winners.

“Spectacularly beautiful and achingly poetic” The Hollywood Reporter

Order your copy today.

the-last-supper-eacTo be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question.

Daniel Wu featured in Duncan Jones’ adaptation of Warcraft, but can you tell us the name of his character?

A) Medivh

B) Gul’dan

C) Durotan

Please include Last Supper in the subject field and make sure you provide your email address otherwise we can’t let you know you’ve won an awesome prize. For your chance to win limited edition T-Shirts, box-sets, DVD bundles and Blu-ray, check out our ever growing competitions page.

The closing date for entries is July 29th and the winner will be notified by email shortly after. Good luck. If you think you know the answer, then send your entry to us via the handy little form below.


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2000 years ago, the Qin Emperor is at the height of his tyranny, spurring a revolution led by the noble families. Beyond the battlefields, citizens lie hungry and homeless in the streets. Pushed to the edges by their fate, these hopeless individuals dream of becoming more than they really are.

With the Qin dynasty crumbling, humble labourer Liu Bang (Ye Liu) rises through the ranks to lead a powerful army to a victory which marks a new dawn in ancient China. However, convinced that power-hungry generals are out to kill him, Liu Bang must battle uncertainty and rebellion in his attempts to establish himself as emperor of the new Han dynasty.

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