Wolverine 3 Rumoured To Be Going For An R Rating


Multiple sources are reporting that 20th Century Fox might be considering an R-rating for Wolverine’s cinematic send-off. The story originated when a photo at Toy Fair revealed the ‘anticipated rating’ for the movie would be an R.

While this news is far from confirmed (the cameras have yet to roll); Deadpool took more in its first four days than The Wolverine made during its entire run, I’m sure Fox are more than ‘considering’ the move.

Less that 24 ago James Gunn wrote an impassioned response to Deadline regarding some comments they’d made regarding Marvel. If you have the time I urge you to read the whole thing, you can do so by following this handy link (I spoil you). The gist of what Gunn was saying was that Deadpool was a hit because it was original, not because it was an R-rated movie. Gunn went on to voice concerns that movie studios will now be looking to pump out R-Rated superheroes to cash in on the new trend. R-Rated superhero movies are nothing new, but none ere able to make more than $260 million worldwide in four days.

While I will always love superhero movies and experience them on the big screen, in the last couple of years I have started to become a tad fatigued by the sheer amount of them. Both Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man were a needed jolt of bawdy fun back into the MCU; that’s not a complaint just an observation. X-Men Days of Future Past was awesome (even if it was riddled with plot holes), but the Fantastic Four reboot was a stride in the wrong direction.

The great thing about comic books is there is something for everybody, from hyper-violence to family friendly, all tastes are catered for. Here’s the real shocker, movies were meant to offer the same diversity to audiences, but the culture has become fixated on making PG-13 movies maximise the box office potential. Superhero movies traditionally cost between $150 – $300 million, once you add marketing, back-end deals and blah blah blah, the movie has to make at least three times its budget to be a bonafide hit. Deadpool was made on a budget of $58 million; this allowed Tim Miller to make the movie he wanted to without compromising on the tone. Now, the success of Deadpool will mean Fox will be only too happy to up the budget of the sequel and therein lies the problem. By all means give Miller and Reynolds some more money, but keep it on the right side of Hollywood low budget.

Wolverine is a character that has always had to be toned down somewhat for the X-Men universe, the uncut version of The Wolverine added a harder tone and gave us a taste of what an R-rated movie might could be. That said, Wolverine should only go R-rated if the story they want to tell requires it. The word on the street is that Old Man Logan will be the inspiration for Wolverine 3, as long as it doesn’t become Dirty Old Man Logan then I’m all for it. Here’s an idea, Jackman’s Wolverine should join Deadpool 2 or X-Force as things are just starting to get interesting.

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