Untethered Geek Presents What’s New On Netflix UK January 2021

As we usher in what is hopefully going to be a better year than the flaming hellscape of 2020, there is a wealth on new content coming to Netflix UK. Naturally, there will be a steady stream of older catalogue titles released throughout the month. Helping us navigate the pitfalls of finding your new binge-watch worthy show or must-see movie, The Untethered Geek is on hand to offer some recommendations.

As the streaming wars heat up, we are going to start to see fewer catalogue films on Netflix, even CBS All Access is getting a rebrand as Paramount+ which is launching globally later this year, Netflix is becoming more reliant on its original offerings. Well, there is no shortage of Netflix originals arriving this month, so pop your feet up and let The Untethered Geek waffle on for a few minutes about what’s new on Netflix UK January 2021.

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