Honest Trailers: Fantastic Four [2015]


One day after 20th Century Fox officially shelve their plans for a Fantastic Four sequel, those Screen Junkies unleash two barrels of funny on the dreadfully misguided reboot.

While there is no point kicking a bad movie when it’s down, the theatrically released version of Josh Trank’s reboot was a complete mess and I remain unconvinced that his vision for the iconic characters would have been much better. Given how hard this movie flopped at the box office, a director’s cut doesn’t seem like it will be high on Fox’s list of priorities. In a bid to counter balance the cartoonish antics of the previous Fantastic Four movies, Trank wanted to go darker for his origins story and the talented young cast are wasted on characters so thinly drawn they may as well be invisible.

All we know for sure is that 20th Century Fox aren’t letting go of the Fantastic Four rights anytime soon, so we can expect a re-reboot of some kind in the foreseeable future. In an ideal world, Fox would strike a similar deal with Marvel that Sony pulled off with Spider-Man. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to make the money that Sony needed, they binned their Sinister Six plans and opted to share the character with Marvel. I have a sneaky feeling that Fox will look to fold the Fantastic Four into X-Men, a move that is long overdue and would give the new FF a chance to play with other Marvel characters. 

For now that might be wishful thinking, so just sit back and enjoy this sinfully good Honest Trailer.

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