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Westworld Creators Might Spoil Season 2 To Prevent Spoilers

I think we can all agree that spoilers are annoying. Be it from some person on your Facebook feed you barely speak to post a spoiler about some show you’re not up to date on, or a reckless...

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Acts of Violence and The Best Bruce Willis Cops Roles

Bruce Willis has been the star of many a cop thriller. These, of course, include his most iconic role as John McClane in the Die Hard franchise that catapulted him onto the Hollywood A-list. Now, in...

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Children and Monsters Five Films to Watch Before I Kill Giants

As children, we were all afraid of monsters. We’re sure you’ll all remember asking to keep the lights on when you went to sleep, or have someone check the dark corners of your bedroom to make...

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Downsizing Review [Mild Spoilers]

There’s an excellent reason I tend not to invest too heavily in trailers. I learned long ago that they either give away too much of what’s important or give you just enough of what is good but in...

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Thor Ragnarok Spoilers Free Review

★★★★ A wild and eccentric comedy that just so happens to take place in the MCU, Thor Ragnarok is tremendous fun and a mighty fine trilogy closer. It’s not a secret that Marvel movies...

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4K Restoration Of Abel Ferrera’s The Addiction June 25th

The Addiction is one of the most powerful vampire movies ever made, with everything from its grainy black and white aesthetic to its raw central performance, combining to position vampirism as a hedonistic addiction above all else. Whether you’re already a convert or completely new to the film, Abel Ferrara’s take...


Help Our Film The Good Samaritan Win An Award

  I’ll be quick, and to the point internet people, we are in need of your assistance to help our new short film The Good Samaritan win the Direct Online Film Festival audience...


Win Horror Thriller Pyewacket on DVD

To celebrate the home entertainment release of PYEWACKET available now on Digital HD and on DVD from the 23rd April 2018, we have a copy of the DVD up for grabs, courtesy of Signature...
  • Rampage Narrowly Bests A Quiet Place At The Box Office

    Warner Bros. and New Line’s Rampage managed to storm its way to the US number one spot over the weekend, but it was a very close race. By the end of Saturday, Rampage and A Quiet Place were neck and neck, and it looked like a low-budget horror film was going to deny Dwayne Johnson […]

  • The Big Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz

    Last year, Joss Whedon’s seminal Buffy The Vampire Slayer celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and we set about putting together a little quiz to mark this special occasion. However, what started out as a bit of fun with a harmless quiz soon evolved into something a tad more epic than expected. So, if you really are...