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The History of the Found Footage Genre in Six Films

Stumble across an old camera (often one which has been bloodied, buried or burned), press play and watch in horror as the happy home movie scenes turn to terrifying images straight out of our worst...

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Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Reunite For Karate Kid Sequel Series on YouTube Red

Forget Batman vs Superman and that little spat between The Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, the greatest on screen rivalry is about to get the most unexpected rematch. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph...

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Wesley Snipes: His Hardest Heroes and Best Baddies

Action superstar Wesley Snipes, in his first leading role since 2012’s cult hit Gallowwalkers, returns to the screen as FINAL RECALL, as a no-nonsense survivalist trying to stop aliens from taking...

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Comic Con Thor Ragnarok Trailer Is AWESOME

The second trailer for the final Thor solo movie has arrived, and by Odin’s beard, it looks good. Ragnarok comes to us from What We Do in The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople’s Taika...

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Neil Blomkamp’s New Oats Studios Short Zygote is Horrifying

The third short film from Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios project Zygote is by far the best original sci-fi horror in years, and as a bonus its also deeply unsettling. Without spoiling too much...

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Alien Covenant Honest Trailer

As regular readers might know, I am deeply conflicted about Ridley Scott’s Alien prequels. For every step forward Scott makes he takes three giant leaps backward, and those talented peeps at Screen Junkies agree as their latest Honest Trailer sets its sights on Alien Covenant. And as usual, they’re bang on...


Help Our Film The Good Samaritan Win An Award

  I’ll be quick, and to the point internet people, we are in need of your assistance to help our new short film The Good Samaritan win the Direct Online Film Festival audience...


Win DVD Bundle Including Final Recall Starring Wesley Snipes

To celebrate the home entertainment release of FINAL RECALL, available on Digital HD 14th August, and DVD & Blu-ray 21st August, we have a DVD bundle up for grabs containing FINAL...
  • Wonder Woman Crushes The Box Office

    Warner Bros executives can breathe a sigh of relief as Wonder Woman has reigned supreme at the box office. Taking an estimated $103 million over its first weekend in the US, and another $122 million from the rest of the world, Wonder Woman has gotten off to an impressive global start. Some online outlets are

  • Everything Wrong With Transformers Animated Movie

    As the latest Transformers sequel angrily thrusts itself into multiplexes worldwide, Cinema Sins has unleashed their latest Everything Wrong With instalment, and it’s the original Transformers Animated Motion Picture. Or should that be The Transformers The Movie? I have a love/hate relationship with the...