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What’s Good On Netflix: The Babysitter (2017)

I can’t say I was expecting much from The Babysitter, but in a bid to make the most of my Netflix subscription, I thought I would give it a whirl. The trailer didn’t do much to convince...

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Murder Mystery Mondays: Murder On The Orient Express [1974]

★★★★★ Murder on the Orient Express is a masterclass of the genre with the classiest cast ever assembled. It doesn’t take a famed (and fictitious) Belgian Detective with majestic...

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Shark Expert Richard Peirce Talks Movies with Cage Dive

Three friends from California head to the rugged Australian coast for a cage dive encounter with deadly sharks, but after attracting a swarm of the creatures, their tour boat is destroyed by a...

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Is It A Surprise That Geostorm Flopped In The US?

After three years of development, filming, multiple edits, expensive reshoots with a new director and a plot that makes 2004’s The Core look sane, Geostorm finally washed up in cinemas over the...

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Friday Night Post-Pub Movie: Cage Dive (2017)

★★★ Cage Dive is a solid found footage survival thriller with intense shark sequences. Released in some parts of the world as Open Water 3, Cage Dive emerges as a surprisingly effective found...

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Grace and Frankie Season 4 Sets Release Date

Fans of Netflix’s comedy-drama Grace and Frankie are in for a treat as the fourth season of the acclaimed series will be with us sooner than expected. The third season launched in March this year, but we don’t have to wait until Spring to see it as Netflix is rolling the show out worldwide on […]


Help Our Film The Good Samaritan Win An Award

  I’ll be quick, and to the point internet people, we are in need of your assistance to help our new short film The Good Samaritan win the Direct Online Film Festival audience...


Win a ‘Fireworks’ Poster!

Make room for another fireworks night this November with a charming coming-of-age story amidst the blossoming feelings of adolescence. From the director of “Nisekoi” and...
  • Annabelle: Creation Tops $300 Million Worldwide

    Stephen King’s It isn’t the only blockbuster horror movie from Warner Bros this year with Annabelle Creation making more than $300 million worldwide. The latest instalment from The Conjuring Universe has shown some remarkable staying power at the box office, so much so, that it might overtake both of James...

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    Game of Thrones Conquest Launches On iOS and Andriod

    While we may have to wait to 2019 to see the epic conclusion of HBO’s Game of Thrones, a new Free To Play iOS and Android official game has launched to help pass the time. The newly released Game of Thrones: Conquest lets you build up your house, form alliances, and in true GOT fashion, […]