DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Full Trailer


The third series in the CW’s DC TV universe is getting ready to launch early next year; heroes unite across time in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The small screen adventures of Arrow and The Flash continues to draw in a huge audience, seeking to replicate what Marvel excels at on the big screen, the DC connected TV universe is a fun place to be. Arrow has started with the same gusto (and fan-servicing) as Smallville, I stuck with all ten season of the origins of Superman and it was a sorry mess by the end. Arrow seems to have learned from Smallville’s mistakes; the show has followed the same formula yet throws in plenty of curveballs. I give the series extra cool points for bringing Matt Ryan’s John Constantine back from cancellation for a guest spot. I hope it proves to be enough to reignite the flame of a revival.

Arrow and Flash have already had a few crossover episodes and their universe expands further with Legends of Tomorrow. Arthur Darvill borrows some of The Doctor’s swagger to play time travelling rogue Rip Hunter. Assembling a team of heroes and villains, the ragtag crew are all that stands in the way of destruction.

Also starring one-time Superman Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, Legends of Tomorrow kicks off on The CW January 21st. There are currently no details on when the series will arrive in the UK, so for now the trailer will have to do.

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